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ALM services
ALM Services// 01


One of our primary service offerings is Asset Liability Management and Interest Rate Risk Consulting for Community Banks.   This includes conducting annual, independent validation and reviews of ALM programs, and performing special analysis including deposit studies, prepayment analysis, backtesting and data validation.  


Unlike many of our competitors that are pure auditors using a checklist, we have experience setting up and managing ALM models for over 10 years in the Banking Industry.  In addition, we look at each engagement from the standpoint of being in your shoes and knowing how important the results are to effective decision making and risk management.   

If you desire to have confidence in your process and the results, give us a call.  We offer an end to end review of the entire process which includes data validation, chart setup, repricing assumptions, new business assumptions and setup, interest rate scenarios, reports, and policy guidelines and limits to ensure your model is giving you the right answers and follows best practices today!  

Strategic Planning and Budgeting
Strategic Planning & Budgeting // 03


One of the attributes of high performing businesses is that they have a solid strategic planning and budgeting process. For Banking, this is a key Risk Management Process.  Whether you choose to do this yourself or would like to outsource portions of this process, or just need to fill in some personnel gaps, consider us your first choice.  

We have done this for banks for over 20 years and can help with your entire process including market research, peer comparisons, facilitating your strategic planning sessions, preparing 5 Year Financial Plans.  We can also assist with setting organizational targets and goals and working with your company to create department and individual goals and objectives tied to your incentive system.  This is then followed by quarterly reviews and reporting based on financial and operational metrics and action plans.  Finally, we can assist with setting up an incentive plan structure and process that ensures that everyone is working towards your corporate goals.

Again, this is what separates the high performing companies from the mediocre.  Contact us for a free consultation.

Credit Risk - asset quality charts
ALLL Services// 02


Another one of our primary services is assisting banks with their Credit Risk management and monitoring.  This includes helping you set up enhanced monitoring as required for "Concentrations of Credit", as well as reviewing or helping implement your Allowance for Loan Loss methodology.  


We also offer independent validation of your ALLL model or analysis to help support your assumptions and as required by Regulatory Model Guidance.  In addition, we can help with analyzing historical risk rates, segmentation of your loan portfolio, loan migration analysis, and validating quantitative and qualitative factors, as well as supporting documentation to back it all up. 


Finally, we can assist you with the new changes that will conversion to the new CECL requirements for community banks including new data capture requirements and loss reserve methodology.  Again, feel free to call us for a free consultation.

Financial Analysis Services
Financial Analysis Services// 04


We have over 20 years of experience performing financial analysis for banking institutions and companies in various industries.  If you are like many companies, you try "run lean" in accounting and finance.  That's where we come in.  


You can hire us for a financial analysis project, have us help automate reporting using Excel and Access, look at new product pricing, perform feasibility studies, or help build financial or staffing models to help you grow your business.


Most importantly, we can help you clear any and all those "low hanging fruit" projects that never quite get done and which are one of the important value -adds of the finance department. 

Whether you need help with peer analysis, bench marking, loan pricing, new branch profitability, staffing models, FAS 91 studies, etc, we can help.  Give us a call for more information.

Tax Preparation and Tax Planning Services
Tax Preparation and Planning Services// 05


We have over 15 years of experience providing exceptional service in tax preparation and tax and financial planning for individuals and small businesses primarily in New York and Florida.


We focus on complex returns that involve multiple streams of income and expense.  This includes or High Net Worth Individuals, S Corps, C Corporations, Partnerships and other entities.  In addition, we offer tax planning services so you can appropriately manage your tax liabilities and avoid costly surprises!

Specific Returns we handle are as follow:

- 1040 Individual Returns

- 1120S - S Corp Returns

-1065 - Partnership returns and K1s

- 1041- Estate Income Tax

Call us for a free consultation today!



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